Ion Stryke™ is a unique consortium of active, all-natural microbes, derived from high-performing soils, selected to restore microbe balance and soil health, and increase nutrient availability in fields. When applied, the consortium of microbes and unique formulations can be used for a variety of needs including the breaking down of postharvest field residue in the fall, prepping the soil for planting, mineralizing and recycling nutrients, providing root zone perimeter protection, and increased nitrogen utilization.


Ion Stryke™ is a highly concentrated microbial package, developed to quickly release the nutrients your seedling needs during critical germination and growing stages. It is enhanced with a strong nitrogen boosting bacteria package that helps continue feeding your crop during the growing season. This highly synergistic package of eight microbes work together and continue to colonize soils throughout the growing season for season long photosynthetic and nutritional support.

Use Rate

0.5 lb concentrate powder per 30-50 acres.


Product Availability & Ordering

Planet Earth Agronomy provides Ion Stryke™ in the sizes listed below. To learn more about pricing or to order, please contact us using the link below.

8 LB Bucket – Contains Sixteen 0.5 LB Pouches