Our Mission

At Planet Earth Agronomy our mission is to help our clients with the technology, products, and knowledge needed to profitability grow the crops that feed the world.

We do this by working with the best suppliers from around the world to provide cutting-edge agronomic solutions and drawing on three decades of experience across a variety of crops throughout North America. Our custom blended products, along with those we represent from our partnered suppliers, have been vigorously tested by our team on actual farms and with progressive retailers serving those growers across the country. The knowledge and insights gained through this real-world research and exchange helps us empower our clients with the tools, products, and strategies needed to obtain higher yields.    


Based in Lone Rock, WI and with warehousing in Middleton, WI, Planet Earth Agronomy is often described by our Founder and CEO, Larry Fiene, as “the world’s smallest plant nutrition business.” While the operation has all the qualities of your typical small business – most of our employees are family, we enjoy phone calls over email, and we love getting out on farms with our retail clients and their growers – our reach is significant, serving retailers from Colorado to Maryland and Texas to North Dakota. We offer our customers and their growers products and solutions from around the world.

Meet the Team

Larry Fiene
Founder & CEO

Larry got his start with in the Ag business at a young age. His parents owned and operated a BouMatic dealership in Prairie du Sac, WI called Dairy Systems. In 1981 Larry graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Agribusiness from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and began working for what would become Winfield United. Throughout Larry's 37 years with the company he served as Sales Business Development Manager and SR DSM PNP DEV Manager where he grew relationships with wholesale managers, agronomists, salespeople, and their clients and suppliers by providing new technology and the means to implement it. 

Mitchell Fiene

Mitchell Fiene is Larry's son and got his start in the Ag business at a young age, riding with his dad in the truck and helping pull tissue samples. As soon as he could drive he began hauling his dad's products to Ag Retailers across the Midwest. In 2012, Mitchell co-founded DMZ Aerial, a small Unmanned Systems company with a focus on providing UAV systems to Ag Retailers across 15 states throuhout the Midwest. In 2015, Mitchell graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a Bachelor's degree in business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. Today, Mitchell continues to work with his dad as a Sales Rep for Planet Earth Agronomy.

Jake Fiene

Jake Fiene is Larry's nephew who got his start in the Ag business milking cows before school at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. In 2016, Jake graduated from UW-Platteville with a Bachelor's degree in Agribusiness. After finishing school Jake began working for Premier Cooperative, the country's oldest farmer/consumer supply co-op - formed in 1893 in Black Earth, WI. From there, Jake also worked for Landmark Cooperative out of Cottage Grove, WI before joining the Planet Earth Agronomy Team full-time in 2020. Today, Jake works as a sales rep for Planet Earth Agronomy drawing on his agribusiness background and experience on farms. 

our business

Planet Earth Agronomy, LLC is an agronomic consulting and new product development business. Based in Middleton, Wisconsin, it provides quality products, outstanding insight, and best-in-class service to farm businesses seeking to produce higher yields and greater return on investment while safeguarding their land for future generations.

Innovative Technologies

Planet Earth Agronomy focuses on technologies like biostimulants imported from Italy, micronutrients formulated in the Midwest, and biological technology from the Southwest. In addition, adjuvants, surfactants, and custom plant nutritional products are made with soil health and plant health in mind. Our biologicals support soil health, breakdown crop residues, eliminate pesticides, and release soil nutrients. When combined with biostimulants from plants and  developed to reduce abiotic stress the result is healthier plants growing higher yields and cycling nutrients faster and more efficiently than conventional nutrient and pesticide programs. To learn more about these products and to view their labels, please see the product-specific webpages under the Products tab.  

Crops Served

Planet Earth Agronomy services a wide variety of crops from traditional Row Crops to Specialty Fruits and Vegetables. With four decades of experience across a multitude of crops grown in North America, Larry Fiene, Owner and CEO of Planet Earth Agronomy, has a unique and diverse network and knowledge-base to help diagnosis agronomic problems. On some farms the strategy is to address the challenging areas and improve the overall yields by raising the lowest producing fields, beds and bogs. On other farms raising the top producing areas to win contests or improve return on investment is the goal. At the end of the day we strive for healthy plants and higher yields. Planet Earth currently supports 17 crops ranging from apples and cranberries to corn and beans. We attend regular educational sessions here in the U.S. and overseas.  

Agronomic Services Offered

Planet Earth Agronomy provides the following Agronomic Services to growers through our retail partners. We often render these services to understand the baseline conditions within an environment or to help diagnose under-performing crops.


Tissue Sampling

Macro & Micro Nutrients

Pathology & Diagnostics


Soil Sampling

Biological Population


Planet Earth Agronomy History

The Early Years

1987 - 2019


In the early years gaining experience in custom application was a way to help my customers catch up in the spring and by doing so improve their service to farmers. It was also important to help make enough money to pay for food and housing.

After several years in the business and having the chance to ride with, and learn from, experienced agronomists, I was able to start diagnosing agronomic problems on my own and with the help of a vast network of amazing people.

As we transition to the next generation of agronomic professionals it is critical that they have the same hands on experience and academic learning opportunities that prior generations received. At Planet Earth Agronomy we are doing our best to see that that happens.