FOLICIST® enhances plant metabolism optimizing flowering and fruit set. Each and every component in this product is a biostimulant by itself:

Folic Acid: promotes the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) required for cell division;

Glycine Betaine: ensures recovery from the intense metabolic stress of flowering and fruit set;

Plant Extracts: supply amino acids, vitamins, and natural growth substances;

Seaweed Extracts: supply natural growth regulators.

Use Rate


Fruit Trees, Wine and Table Grapes, Vegetables, and Industrial Crops: 2-4 applications, from pre-flowering to fruit growth alone: 1-1.5 L/ha. In association with other products: 0.5 L/ha.

Greenhouse Crops: 2-4 applications, from pre-flowering to fruit growth (vegetable crops) or during the whole cycle (leafy vegetables, flower crops) alone: 100-150 mL/100L of water. In association with other products: 50 mL/100L of water. 

*Dosages are calculated for normal water distribution volumes.


Vegetables & Industrial Crops: After transplanting 2-3 L/ha.

Greenhouse Crops: After transplanting 200-300 mL/1000 m2.


Apply on seeds 100-150 mL/100 kg of see.


Product Availability & Ordering

Planet Earth Agronomy provides FOLICIST® in the sizes listed below. To learn more about pricing or to order, please contact us using the link below.